Simagic Alpha Mini GT1 Bundle

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The Simagic Alpha Mini

Faster response with lower inertia integraded with outstanding features from the  Alpha Family.

Discover the 10 Nm servo motor from Simagic and enter a world of details never seen before . Benefit from an optimization of the incoming signal for a precise and crystalline force feedback thanks to AI (artificial intelligence).

  • Servo motor for maximum smoothness
  • Maximum torque 10 Nm
  • 2.4 GHz WLAN connection
  • Compact optimized design (110 x 167 mm)
  • Advanced configurations via SimPro Manager
  • Dedicated AI for force feedback optimization
  • Advanced compatibility with Simagic peripherals
  • (sequential gearbox, pedal, handbrake ..)
  • Calculate up to 40,000 force feedback frequencies per second
  • Data transmission up to 1 kilohertz
  • New generation of physics-based friction models for unprecedented force feedback authenticity
  • Exclusive setting for drift and rally modes
  • Minimum static force 0.01 Nm (for unprecedented smoothness)

SIMAGIC GTD Steering Wheel (D-shape wheel)


  • Simagic D steering rim with suede
  • Custom made carbon fibre + aluminum panel
  • 4 x push buttons
  • 2 x toggle switch
  • 2 x rotary encoders
  • Magnetic paddle shifter with adjustable throw
  • 4 high end push buttons
  • 2 x 3 way toggle switches
  • 2 rotary encoders
  • Magnetic paddle shifter with adjustable throw and paddle ear adjustments.
  • Zero-Flex Quick Release System
  • Wireless connection

Simagic GTR steering wheel (Round shape)

The Simagic GTR is equipped with a round formfactor and a diameter of 300mm.
This makes the Simagic steering wheel suitable for every type of car!
The Simagic steering wheel is clothed with a high quality alcantara. The Simagic GTR features 4 programmable buttons and 4 multi-functional encoders.


  • Diameter: 300mm
  • High-quality Alcantara - CNC milled aluminium button-box housing
  • Carbon-fiber panel covers and shifters
  • Wireless communication
  • 8 programmable RGB buttons
  • Equipped with Simagic Quick-release


Simagic Alpha Mini GT1 Bundle

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